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MAKKÁ Malbec Rosé Sparkling wine

Ancestral Method


  • Category: Sparkling wine | Brut Nature | Champenoise
  • Varietal: Malbec
  • Origin: San Rafael, Mendoza

Driving System, High Back, Bilateral Cord. It is pruned to “python” with a load that allows us to achieve a grape production of 60 to 80 quintals per hectare. Drip irrigation. Manual Harvest in 15 kg plastic boxes.
Controlled fermentation between 15/18 ºC. Duration of 15 to 18 days. Before the fermentation is finished, it is placed in a bottle and covered with a crown cap, it will continue to ferment inside the bottle, trapping the gas. Once the fermentation ends, the bottles go to wooden desks at 45 ° peak down. They are performed weekly removage so that the eraser is deposited in the bottle’s tip and thus achieve a natural clarification of the liquid. Once the clarification is finished, the disgorgement is done, a process that consists of freezing the eraser deposited in the beak to be expelled due to the pressure, in this way the liquid is clean. The cork and muzzle are placed, thus completing the process.

Salmon light red very sensual, presence of fine bubbles that form a crown in the glass on the surface of the liquid. With an elegant, impressive nose, aromas of rosehip, strawberry and sour cherrie stand out. With a very good presence on the palate, marked acidity, with a fresh, fruity and persistent finish.

Beef. Pork. Salmon. Candy. Hard cheese.

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