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“Terroir of our wines."

Finca Victoria

Our vineyards are located in the Heart of Cuadro Benegas, in front of the mountain range, with very particular soils that range from clay, rock, lime and sand. This soil diagram allows us to have heterogeneous pictures in maturation and aging in Vine.

On the one hand, those hard soils that achieve an aromatic palette and on the other, soils that give good and lasting concentration. We have different types of driving depending on each variety, high trellises, low trellises and parral, using drip irrigation as the main irrigation system.

Fruit of the earth

Our philosophy focuses on the production of wine from the same vineyard, being the “management” of the vineyard, the main protagonist. The choice of pruning, the less of how to position it in front of the sun, irrigation and eventual deforestation, among others, are critical and thoughtful moments.

That is why we focus on the use of Biodynamics, a tool used by our Andean ancestors that consists mainly in our vineyards being in balance, using the moon phases for each activity mentioned above and without applying agrochemicals, or any other product that does not It is of natural origin, being nature itself responsible for the source of processing.

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