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Medal Malbec 2016


  • Category: Red wine
  • Varietal: Malbec
  • Origin: San Rafael, Mendoza

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COMPOSITION: 100% Malbec.
YEAR: 2016.
ALTITUDE: 750 masl.
CULTURE: Vineyard on high trellis and pruned in pythoned cord.
HARVEST: Manual in boxes of 15 Kg.
FERMENTATION: Traditional with native ferments from the vineyard at a temperature of 23 to 30ºC and a maceration of 15 days.
WINEMAKER: Oscar Zalazar.

VIEW: Deep red, young with violet tones and reflections with a well-marked cup center.
NOSE: Varietal with a mixture of fresh red fruits, plum, blackberries, ripe strawberries and spring notes.
MOUTH: Sweet round tannins, soft very fresh, with a fleshy mouth center and a balanced and long finish.

Natural decanted wine bottled after two guard winters.

Our flagship Malbec, very versatile and festive, recommended for cocktails, celebrations with snacks or traditional meals.

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